Who We Are...

TigerPaw Productions exists to utilize and develop the professional abilities of Clemson University students with the goal of representing the entertainment interests of the student body by facilitating major events at Clemson University.

What does this mean?
About TigerPaw Productions is the concert committee for Clemson University, but we don’t stop there. On top of picking who comes to campus, we work to plan every aspect of the concerts.
We are responsible for planning everything from marketing to dressing rooms to stage size and anything in between.
Once we get it all planned, we get to watch it all actually happen.

TigerPaw Productions is your all access pass to get backstage and learn all about the concert industry.

Co-Promote an Event:

TigerPaw Productions aims to serve Clemson's campus in a variety of ways. As an organization, we recognize the importance of collaboration and encourage other organizations to partner with us to bring entertainment to Clemson students. TPP receives an allocation from Student Government every year that is used to attract popular national acts and to offer student discounts on tickets. With this allocation and the student workforce we manage, partnering with us can be a great way to make your entertainment vision become a reality.

Many of our past events could not have been possible without the combined effort of TPP and other student organizations. Past student groups include: Student Government, CLEMSONLiVE, Sigma Chi, and Sigma Phi Epsilon.

Please contact us at for more information on how you can co-promote an event with TigerPaw Productions.