Change Over

Cyrus Witte
Change Over Director

My name is Cyrus Witte and this is my third year working with TigerPaw Productions. I started out working mainly Change Over and Production calls. Working until the early hours of the morning seemed to fit right into my sleep schedule so the job was perfect! After feeling completely overwhelmed my first few crews, for some reason I found myself feeling more fond of my new job. Over the course of the next two years I went from an occasional extra body to working everything I could. In my time working for TigerPaw I have worked everything from a ticket taker for a basketball game, to doing spot lights during the CMT tour. Now in my third year, I am the Director of Change Over and still loving every minute of my job.

Fun Facts
  • It is not uncommon for a stage to weigh over 2 tons when fully constructed! Don't let this number fool you though. Since we are always working as a team on Change Over, we get the job done without lifting a ton and have fun while doing it.
  • We set up the goals for Clemson basketball games. It may not look so appealing in words, but when you get out onto the court it starts to hit you. The goals we set up are the same goals that people not only in Clemson, but around the nation watch our Tigers play basketball on.
  • For every event at Littlejohn, there is two Change Over crews. This means more working opportunities for our employees. We are always the first crew working to set up for an event, and the last crew working to tear it all down. The time in between crews lets you choose whether you want to take the time off, or sign up for another crew if you really need to get some extra money!

Change Over

The Change Over crew is responsible for much of the behind the scenes action. On change over you get to be a part of Littlejohn as it transforms for the various events we hold. Some days it is as simple as getting the concourse ready for presentation, other days it may be getting the coliseum ready for our next big concert. No matter what the task at hand is, we always work as a team and have a great time doing it.