TigerPaw Productions – its members and its leadership – serve as Clemson University’s Concert Committee. Every year, the Student Government’s Budget Committee allocates a certain amount of money to this committee which is drawn from the student activity fee. TigerPaw uses these funds as seed money, and it benefits the organization in several ways.

Number one, it gives TigerPaw’s leadership the purchasing power necessary to attract popular and therefore more expensive acts. Without a large allocation, Clemson would not be able to compete for the acts that students demand. Number two, our seed money offsets the costs of student discounts. Every time a student purchases a ticket, the difference between the list price of the ticket and the discounted student ticket it made up for by TigerPaw Productions.

As a member of TigerPaw Productions, you have the option of serving on the Concert Committee as a Fanatics member that ultimately decides how this money is spent. Though our Directors have been entrusted to make the final decisions, they do not reach a decision without receiving a great deal of input and advice from many people, including Clemson students and industry professionals. Our organization prides itself on being responsive to and representative of the student body and its musical tastes and interests; and, the formulation of a committee that allows for student input and student opinion is an integral part of that goal – variety and difference of opinion are important!

TigerPaw holds a membership meeting at least once a year where students will have the opportunity to recommend to the Directors and advisors the groups, bands, artists, and acts that are of most interest to the student and to the student body as a whole. Students will also be given the opportunity to inquire about the decision making process, and likewise the Directors will be able to explain why it is that they chose what they chose. Hopefully, this will allow the leaders of TigerPaw to make even more responsive and informed decisions regarding concerts as Clemson and make this organization more accessible and transparent.