Guest Services

D.J. Dorsey
Guest Services Director

My name is D.J. Dorsey and I'm the current Guest Services Director. I am a Economics major with a minor in Accounting from Brentwood, Tennessee. I heard about Tigerpaw Productions from our Executive Director. We participated in some of the same student organizations and he said it was a great place to earn a few bucks while building a resume. After starting I found that I agreed wholeheartedly and I've been working for TPP ever since.

Fun Facts
  • Helping guests have a great time while attending every event
  • Feel the energy of the fans in attendance of sporting events
  • Help mediate conflicts between patrons
  • Meet people from all walks of life

Guest Services

Guest Services is a multi-faceted division of TigerPaw Productions. There are a lot of opportunities for different experiences when you work as a Guest Services employee. We serve a wide range of events from concerts, to career fairs, to basketball games. Guest Services allows for personal interaction with all types of people, which can improve your interpersonal communication skills. It is our responsibility to ensure every guest leaves with a smile and remains safe while in attendance. We are the ones that people come to when they need help or have a question and are the smiling face everyone sees when they enter our building.