Brad Behrends
Hospitality Director

´╗┐Hello! My name is Brad Behrends and I am currently the Hospitality director for TigerPaw Productions. I am a senior industrial engineering major from Clover, South Carolina and have been working with TPP since my freshman year. TPP is great because it provides a unique backstage look into the concerts and venue management. As students, we can plan and execute events and shows that will be among the many highlights Clemson students experience during their time here.

Fun Facts
  • Hospitality is also known as the act of generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need.
  • When working Hospitality it is very crucial to remember to always keep a professional attitude and demeanor.
  • If you are unsure about something don't be afraid to ask, we'd rather you take a couple of seconds to get it right than spend a couple of hours trying to right a wrong that could have been prevented.
  • Always be alert, friendly, and approachable. The interactions the artists and tour managers have with you can have a direct impact on whether they will want to return in the future.


The Hospitality Crew is an important part of Tiger Paw Productions. When an individual comes to an event or concert at Littlejohn they may not actually see a hospitality worker but that does not mean that their impact will go unnoticed. The hospitality workers are responsible for providing the building with a neat and orderly appearance this includes making sure that all the table linens are clean and properly applied to the tables. Decorating and stocking the rooms that will be used by the artists and tour managers. Along with these they also are responsible for providing food and drinks to the Tiger Paw workers who are staffing their respective crews. This is usually purchased through an outside vendor and picked up by one of the workers. Another, and probably the most important job of a hospitality worker, is making sure that the artist performing has the most enjoyable and comfortable visit possible. Before the artist has arrived we are given what is called a rider and in it are the specifics of everything the artist would like in his/her dressing room, on the bus after the show, on the stage. Anything else you can think of is usually covered in this. It is very important that this is followed as closely as possible. The hospitality job can get stressful at times, but it is very rewarding with all the different people from various backgrounds that you get the opportunity to interact with.