Sarah Stallworth
Marketing Director

I'm originally from Columbia, SC, but was never a USC fan. I'm currently a junior majoring in Animal and Veterinary Science and hope to atted Vet School in the future. I began working with Street Team in August 2008 just looking for a way to make money. What I gained through TPP is way more than just a paycheck. I found the opportunity to obtain a leadership position, meet new people and gain valuable knowledge of the concert industry. Working as the Marketing Director has been a great opportunity and experience at my time here at Clemson.

Fun Facts
  • Street team always for work opportunites every day of the week if your up to! The more marketing we do, the better!
  • Street team allows you to complete a lot of hours on your own time around your own schedule. When can put up fliers whenever you have time!
  • Joining street team gives you the opportunity to drive our awesome promo van around campus for a few hours and...get paid!
  • We have weekly meetings allowing you to broaden your horizons, meet new people, and gain valuable skills in the industry.


Street team is the dedicated hard-working marketing crew for tigerpaw productions. Our job is to not only promote upcoming events at Littlejohn Coliseum, Tillman Auditorium, and other venues on campus, but to also promote Tigerpaw Productions as one of the most fun and diverse organizations on campus. Street Team always follows the TPP motto of "whatever It take" to get the word out about our upcoming events. Street team is an integral part of TPP because without us, people wouldn't know about the shows and no one would come to the events. We do everything from posting flyers on campus, to setting up promotional tables at other events, to driving our awesome promo van around campus blasting music and letting campus know about our events over the awesome sound system. Street team is constantly striving for new members to bring their ideas to the table and help promote events in new and creative ways.