Mobile Events

Omar Hills
Mobile Events Director

Hi, my name is Omar Hills. My major is Civil Engineering and I am a junior here at Clemson University. I’m the Mobile Events director here at TigerPaw Productions where I handle all of the events at outdoor venues. I decided to work at TigerPaw because it’s a very fun and entertaining environment. You get paid to have fun while doing things that you love to do. It’s clearly the best place to work ever in the history of Clemson.

Fun Facts
  • Fun and different events that wouldn't fit larger venues that include but are not limited to pageants, step shows, acapella performances, comedians, and much more.
  • There is always an event going on throughout the week.
  • No event set up is the same. Working at various outdoor areas there is always a challenge with the set which adds and interesting twist to every event.

Mobile Events

Mobile Events is a great combination of all the crews in TigerPaw Productions. Although the crews are smaller than the others, members of this crew have to be very versatile and knowledgeable to staff a great event. This crew is different in that we staff, and are responsible for Tillman Auditorium, the Outdoor Theater, Military Heritage Plaza, Bowman Field and many more. With the responsibility of staffing so many areas there is always something fun and exciting going on with Mobile Events.