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Community Informatics Resources

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Prepared by

Lori Dickes
Graduate Research Assistant
University Center for Economic Development
Barre Hall, Clemson University
Clemson, SC 29634-0313

R. David Lamie
Associate Professor
University Center for Economic Development
P O Box 23205
Sandhill Rec,
Columbia, SC 29224

Resources in Community Resources Informatics

1. Community Informatics: Access and Availability

There is a wide body of research and evidence concerning a growing information technology divide in the United States. This section provides citations and summaries of research on the ongoing issue of access and availability to information communications technology for all U.S. consumers and businesses.

2. Economic Development and Community Informatics

The relationship between infrastructure/technology investments and economic development potential has long been one of the main arguments used to justify the public and private involvement in these investments. This page provides citations and overviews of a wide spectrum of research on the relationship between information communications technology investments and economic development.

3. Community Informatics and Economic Theory

There is a long history of research on the private and social returns to infrastructure investment. This page provides citations and overviews of a variety of research focused on the economic theory of infrastructure and technology investments.

4. International Case Studies in Community Informatics

This section provides citations and overviews of research focused on information communications technology issues around the world.

5. Public Policy and Community Informatics

The telecommunications environment has a long history of regulation and public policy debate. With advanced information communications technology this debate rages on as the debate over Universal Service and digital divide issues continues. This page provides citations and descriptions of research that are focused on the public policy issues surrounding information communications technology.

6. Community Informatics Websites and Organizations

As technology continues to spread and change, government and private organizations have developed useful websites that provide access to research, public policy issues, background knowledge and much more. This page provides website information and brief descriptions of what is available on these sites.