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Who We Are

Dr. Rebecca A. Kaminski: Director

Rebecca A. Kaminski"I find my energy to teach from working with the outstanding teachers associated with the Upstate Writing Project and their students. I firmly believe in the NWP philosophy of teachers teaching teachers as the most efficient means of improving writing in our schools."

Rebecca has served as the director of the Upstate Writing Project at Clemson University since it began in 2001. She teaches undergrad and graduate courses relating to writing and literacy for the elementary education program and also provides consulting services to many upstate schools in the areas of writing instruction and assessment, and children’s literature. She works with the National Writing Project on various projects including the Technology Liaisons Network Leadership Team, New Site Mentors, CFA Annual Review, and New Site Leaders Initiative. Rebecca serves as past President for SCCTE. As a member of the SC Writing Improvement Network Advisory Board and Coordinating Council, she works with the Exemplary Writing Program.

Dawn Hawkins: Co-Director, Inservice Coordinator

Dawn Hawkins"Going into schools to work with teachers motivates and inspires me. Sharing writing strategies with others as well as getting great ideas fuels my passion of writing. As a full time UWP Curriculum Coordinator, I spend my days living out my passion of studying, creating and delivering the best practices for teaching writing. I adore writing and teaching writing. This love grew as a first year teacher participating in the UWP Summer Institute in 2003. I am very honored to be on staff sharing the good news about writing with other teachers through in-service projects. The writing project has inspired me and I know it will inspire you!"

Rachel Sanders: Youth Writing Camps Coordinator

Rachel SandersRachel Kaminski Sanders is currently working on her doctoral degree at the University of Georgia in the Language and Literacy Education Department. Her research interests include adolescent as well as digital literacies specifically in multigenre, pop culture, and fandom medias. Rachel teaches undergraduate courses focusing on adolescent reading and writing. Rachel is a Teacher Consultant for the Upstate Writing Project and has provided professional development to school districts throughout SC. Previously, Rachel served as a Teacher in Residence for the College Ready Writers Program, a grant with the National Writing Project. For three years before that, Rachel taught writing to seventh graders in a South Carolina public middle school of the arts. Throughout the year, Rachel oversees the Youth Writing Camps offered by the Upstate Writing Project each summer. These three uniquely separate camps focus on developing the use of writing through various genres including scripts and game designs. This will be Rachel’s fifth year as camp coordinator before which she both mentored and directed.