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  • 1 4-H Camp
    Enjoy swimming, fishing, nature trails, a climbing wall, arts and crafts, a talent show, dances and nights around the campfire. A Southern tradition since 1934!
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  • 1 Camp Sewee
    Discover the wonders of marine life and the South Carolina coast by visiting salt marsh areas, freshwater ponds, a wildlife refuge and the SC Aquarium. Tubing, swimming, kayaking and a water park trip round out this wet and wonderful week!
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  • 1 Camp Voyager
    Test your technological skills with GPS devices, PDAs, digital cameras, computers, Lego Mindstorms NXT® robots, radio-controlled cars and video game design—plus exciting adventures like paintball, go-carts and more!
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  • 1 Expedition Sewee
    Dive into a learning adventure with Expedition Sewee! With age-appropriate programs designed for grades 2-8, Expedition Sewee offers an unforgettable study of coastal ecosystems—how they function, what they provide and why they’re important to preserve.
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  • 1 Camp Wildlife
    Learn outdoor survival skills, hunting skills, shooting sports and wildlife ecology. Enjoy ATVs, paintball, archery, fishing and a variety of hands-on educational curricula.
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  • 1 Adventure Summer Camp
    Challenge yourself to 10 days of Adventure Expeditions or 6 days of Adventure Mini-Trips in the Blue Ridge Mountains of S.C. and N.C. Backpacking, mountain biking, camping, canoeing, rock climbing and more!
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crew members rowing on the lake

Adventure Programs

Team Challenge Course

camper on the high ropes course

Can you fall backwards from a five-foot platform, or scale a 10-foot wall to save the world? With the help of your teammates, you can! These plus many more exciting adventures will help make your group a team. Individuals learn to communicate in order to solve each component. Everyone is involved in a hands-on learning situation that allows team members to push beyond their perceived limits. If you want to improve communication and build trust, then the Team Challenge Course is for you.

High Ropes Courses

high ropes course

Imagine being suspended 25 feet in the air, hanging by a harness. Our three High Ropes Courses (ranging from 15' to 50') are designed to take individuals and groups beyond their expectations while giving them the opportunity to overcome fear and improve self-image. Picture your team crossing rope bridges, walking wires, balancing on a log and zipping off a platform to get down. Find yourself eagerly anticipating the next climb as you watch others on your team attempt physically and mentally demanding components. It takes a partner to get through the first component on this course, and then you're on your own (except for the support of your teammates on the ground). This activity offers the maximum experience in team-bonding and confidence building.

The Climbing Tower

camper climbs our 50 foot wall

On this artificial rock climbing wall, each participant monitors personal progress by striving to conquer different levels that bring them to the top. Once there, participants rappel themselves back down. This activity fosters goal setting and determination, and facilitates team bonding through encouragement and support. Test your strength and coordination on this high-climbing adventure – a true rush of excitement! Also offered as a night program.