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Expedition Sewee

Dive into a learning adventure with Expedition Sewee! With age-appropriate programs designed for grades 2-8, Expedition Sewee offers an unforgettable study of coastal ecosystems—how they function, what they provide and why they’re important to preserve. Led by enthusiastic, knowledgeable staff, students and teachers will explore beaches, salt marshes, and Native American cultural resources; get an up-close look at a wide variety of coastal plants and animals; and experience the wonders of marine science in a beautiful island setting. Teambuilding activities establish and reinforce positive relationships that will last long after the field study ends!

For information and availability

Call: 864-878-1041
Email: gmongol@clemson.edu

1-day program Details

Price:$50/Student, $25/Chaperone

Price includes lunch and student data books

Offered: Monday & Tuesday

Grades: 2 & 3

3-day program Details

Costs:$140/Student, $70/Chaperone*

Price includes lunch and student data books

*Number of chaperones may be limited based on dormitory space.

Offered: Wednesday - Friday

Grades: 4-8

1-day program Activities

  • Marine Life Study - introduction to crabbing, cast netting
  • Salt March Study - introduction to importance of salt marsh and its inhabitants
  • Intracoastal Waterway boat ride

3-day program Activities

  • Barrier Island Expedition - trip to island, importance of barrier islands, island erosion, island inhabitants, seining
  • Salt Marsh Expedition - importance of salt marsh and its inhabitants
  • Marine Life Expedition - crabbing, cast netting, tracks, shorebirds, dolphins, sea turtles and more
  • Coastal Plain Ecology Expedition - Carolina bays, carnivorous plants, birds of prey, forest ecology
  • Archeological Expedition - late archaic Native American cultures and their impacts on today’s environment
  • Evening activities - fun teambuilding activities with customizable options, night walks, campfire sessions
kids in the marsh