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About The Girls Center

Primary Functions

Clearinghouse for Information – We strive to be the experts on what’s available for girls in S.C. and across the nation regarding social issues, services, best practices and gender-responsive strategies for training, curricula and other resources.

Research Center for Girls – The Center is a living laboratory where researchers and educators study practical topics, refine programs and influence best practices, and share their findings to increase knowledge and enhance existing programs.

Program Development – In partnership with state agencies, nonprofits, universities and community organizations, we create, implement and pursue funding of effective, empowering programs for girls of all ages and backgrounds.

Education & Training – We act as the entity for certification of S.C. practitioners and advocates in best practices for girls’ interventions, assessment and evaluation, using existing residential programs as labs to test enhancements and effectiveness.

Policy – On a platform of specific topics and relevant issues, we encourage public awareness to shape the view of activists, policymakers, government officials and the media toward enhanced public service.