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2013 Workshop Descriptions

Girls Workshops

TechSafe: Staying Safe in Cyberspace

Using guidelines from NetSmartz.org, learn best practices for teaching youth about cyber-bullying, sexting, inappropriate use and online predators. Empower yourself and others to use good judgment in phone and internet use and recognize warning signs of unsafe practices.

Dating Violence: The Relationship Education Project

Discover Safe Harbor’s Relationship Education Project (REP), presented in high schools and middle schools throughout Greenville, Anderson, Oconee and Pickens counties. REP educators speak about characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships, the cycle of abuse and warning signs of relationship violence, and what to do if you or someone you know is involved in an abusive relationship.

Bullying and School Safety: It’s Everybody’s Issue

Bullying can happen to anyone, and affects all of us. People choose to pick on others based on many factors: jealousy, the need to belong, and a person's own self-esteem issues. Some people feel that bullying is the only way to escape the problems they are experiencing themselves. Explore the effects of bullying on the community, and hear from middle and high school bullying victims.

Breaking the Cycles of Self-Harm: Clearing Your Pathway for Success

Girls often encounter familial and environmental pressures and obstacles that impede roads to success. Identify healthy alternatives to destructive high-risk behaviors as seen in the media, communities or social peer groups. Learn to break cycles of self-harm and become your own advocate by taking a stand against media stereotyping and overcoming destructive patterns.

Just Yell Fire: Learn How To Fight Like A Girl

The Just Yell Fire seminar for teens focuses on empowerment, knowing your rights, safety awareness, safe dating, street fighting self-defense, and a Dating Bill of Rights. Includes a viewing of the Just Yell Fire film, a moderated Q&A session, and safety technique demonstrations.

Adult Workshops

Building Safety Plans for Girls and Women

According to the FBI, the most dramatic rise in reports of intimate partner violence is received from young women ages 16-24. Professionals who work with young women should be prepared to discuss these issues and offer prevention and intervention strategies. Learn more about the prevalence and severity of violence against young women to include dating violence and date rape, and gain strategies to educate and enlighten young women with practical information to ensure their safety.

Creating Sanctuary for Girls: The Role of the Faith-Based Community

Girls struggle with a wide range of issues, from low self-esteem to negative body images and sexuality. They’re often in need of a spiritual safe haven where they can receive support while establishing their true identity. This workshop will discuss these issues and how the faith-based community can personally connect with girls to promote their spiritual, social and emotional development.

What My Mother Never Told Me (or What I Never Heard Her Say): Mixed Messages Across Generations

Explore intergenerational messages that either empower or inhibit girls to fulfill their full potential and emerge as strong young women. Hear a mother and her daughter discuss how these messages are communicated— or not— through family values, attitudes and behaviors.

Girls Circle: How to Create A Safe Space for Girls

Witness a live demonstration of the research-based Girls Circle model: a female-responsive, structured support group for girls ages 9-18, and learn how to implement this successful approach in schools, community, and juvenile justice settings. Under the auspices of the Youth Learning Institute at Clemson University, The Girls Center has the sole organizational license in S.C. to train and certify facilitators in this model.

Just Yell Fire (Train the Trainer) -- On the Front Lines: Adult Guide to Empowering Girls

For colleges, schools and organizations that want to develop their own cost-effective safety programs for girls, this seminar provides access to a detailed e-book teacher’s manual as well as DVDs of both instructional films by Just Yell Fire. Concepts presented will empower adults, educators and volunteers with practical and useful teaching tools which can be used in concert with anti-bullying and school safety efforts.