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2014 Workshop Descriptions

Girls Workshops

Flying into STEM through Rocketry

It’s just not true that girls don’t have an aptitude for science. When they are introduced to science, math and engineering early in their student careers, they also think it’s fun! Straw rockets incorporate every component of STEM, providing a truly integrated STEM experience for students. With these fun activities, students grasp a variety of subjects including force and motion, thrust, center of gravity, prediction, measurements, and tons more. In this workshop, girls will design and construct rockets while considering variables such as rocket length, fin shape, and nose cone size. They will complete an activity testing the trajectory angle’s effect on the rocket’s flight, and apply Newton’s laws of motion.

Career Success: Don’t TALK about it…BE about it!

What do you like to do? How can your talents and interests lead to a great career? What do you see yourself doing in 10 years? What type of educational experience will your dream job require? Many different factors go into choosing a career path. These are just some of the questions middle and high school girls must begin asking themselves now. The sooner girls start thinking about potential careers, the more chances they’ll have to explore them before making major decisions. This session is designed to get girls thinking about the answers to these important questions and to start brainstorming about their game plan to make their career dreams a reality.

Discovering the Brand Called YOU

In a workplace environment that is growing more competitive all the time, girls need to distinguish themselves from their peers and “stand out” for all the right reasons. They need to understand the power of their personal brand. This session helps girls focus on their most important product — themselves, and on the unique qualities, values and passions that give them a competitive edge. They’ll learn what personal branding is, why it’s important, how to create a personal brand and promote it to achieve career success. Topics include appearance, attitude, body language, peer groups, online image and more.

Career Fair/Interactive Exhibit Hall

Girls need to learn not only what kinds of career options they may want to pursue, but also which businesses are “up and coming” for girls and women to explore. This knowledge will help them prepare to enter the workforce with intention and advance planning. Our interactive exhibit hall will feature brief business presentations, showcase entrepreneur opportunities, and include information on how to prepare now to enter a variety of career fields. Girls will also get smart on how to look the part, act the part, and present their best selves for success in the careers they choose.

Adult Workshops

The Working Woman’s GPS: When the Plan to Have It All Has Led You Astray

Finding joy and self-fulfillment doesn’t just happen — it takes a plan. The demands of business and life leave many women drowning in their to-do lists. In this workshop, JJ DiGeronimo will share key strategies for enhancing a woman’s professional and personal journey, learned by interviewing hundreds of successful women. Attendees will learn easy, yet actionable steps that will motivate them to further define their own next level of success — and this information can be passed on to the girls we serve, as well as our daughters, to prepare them in advance for their own workplace success.

W.I.S.E. Tales For Engaging Girls in STEM

Women in Science and Engineering (W.I.S.E.) is an organization at Clemson University designed to help and support females in engineering and science majors. From mentoring and networking to test banks and tutoring, W.I.S.E. offers unlimited resources and information to girls starting their journey toward career success. This workshop will describe tools and best practices to get girls interested in STEM. Parents will learn tips about their role in early preparation. Teachers and administrators will hear about resources and opportunities to engage in conversation and activities to promote STEM. Workshop participants will meet current undergraduate students in STEM and hear their stories.

The STEM Game Plan: Sustaining Tweens in Engineering and Math

Come hear how Leaphart Elementary School in Columbia, SC re-fashioned its system-wide approach to infusing STEM into its curriculum and school culture. Workshop attendees will be immersed in current research supported practices that will impact the shocking statistics facing girls today. Teachers will leave with a game plan on how to invest in young women to maintain their excitement for math, science and engineering. Let’s explore how you can be a part of the STEM movement!

Every Day, Every Way: Empowering Girls for Life

Through its mix of educational and networking opportunities, training and development workshops, mentoring, programs, services, and special events, the Center for Women (C4W) helps South Carolina women build better lives for themselves, their families, organizations and communities. The Center wants to see women and girls succeed — personally and professionally, every day, every way. Workshop attendees will learn ways in which adult women can foster girls’ self-efficacy to promote their own economic empowerment.