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Welcome to the Center for Healthy Living!

In July 2009, the Youth Learning Institute teamed up with the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition to develop the Center for Healthy Living.

The mission of the Center is to help children, youth, families, and individuals of all ages to improve their health and wellbeing through research and education.

Message from the Director

“Empowering individuals, families, and communities with knowledge and skills to change their eating, physical activity, and other lifestyle patterns is imperative. However, knowledge is only the beginning. People must live and work in environments that support healthy lifestyles. It will take all of us working together in schools, state agencies, universities, worksites, faith communities, and health care to create environments that support and help people to adopt healthy behaviors.” – Katherine Cason

Why A Center for Healthy Living?

According to the United Health Foundation’s comprehensive national review of the nation’s health, South Carolina is one of the least healthy states, and ranks 48th.

South Carolina is:

  • The 5th fattest state in the nation, with more than 60% of adults and 25% of children who are overweight or obese
  • 4th in the nation for diabetes, and 2nd in the nation for diabetes among African-Americans
  • 3rd in the nation for rates of prostate cancer
  • 2nd in the nation for rates of stroke death
  • 4th in the nation for prevalence of food insecurity, and 1st in prevalence of very low food insecurity