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Bridge to Clemson - CBSHS Majors

It is important to connect with the Clemson advisors! Typically two weeks of advising each semester occurs just before registration starts at Tri-County Technical College (TCTC). Clemson advisors will travel to TCTC or Highpointe Student Success Center to make themselves available to Bridge to Clemson students for advising. These dates are highly publicized via email and other electronic resources. You may also visit the Clemson advisor on the main campus during drop-in advising times. Please check their schedules via email or by following the office on Twitter (@CBSHSAdvising). Students should make every effort to connect with their Clemson advisor at least once each semester.

Majors open to Bridge to Clemson students:

  • Anthropology
  • Criminal Justice
  • Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management (PRTM)*
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Sociology

*Students need to verify with the PRTM advisor by April 1 of their freshmen year that they intend to enroll in the PRTM EDGE semester the following fall at Clemson.

Majors closed to Bridge to Clemson students:

  • Communication
  • Health Science (all concentrations)
  • Nursing
  • Sports Communication

For closed majors, students should pay particular attention to the change of major policies as outlined at this link regarding how students will earn a space in the program after crossing the Bridge to Clemson and the requirements for consideration of admission. Note the following:

  • Changing your major at Tri-County Technical College in no way affects your major being changed officially at Clemson University.
  • Often times, graduation in closed majors at Clemson is delayed: education is usually an extra year if chosen; nursing is an extra semester if chosen; and health science varies depending on internship space available if chosen.
  • There is no guarantee of admission to any closed major at Clemson. There are always more applicants than we have spaces for in all closed majors at Clemson.
    • Students are required to investigate an alternate major plan that will lead to their career goals should they not be able to be admitted to a closed major.
    • Changing majors into an open education major to gain access to a closed education major is not recommended. The curriculum is very different and courses, even within education, carry different restrictions for each program. Note that pursuing one of the open education majors is encouraged if it is a legitimate option for a career.

All information regarding the program should be verified at the link to the Bridge to Clemson website.


Contact your academic advisor.


Financial Aid Office
G01 Sikes Hall
(864) 656-5087 (phone)
(864) 656-1831 (fax)