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Living Learning Communiy for First Generation Success Program at Clemson University

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Would you like to be a part of a brand new Living-Learning Community this year? FIRST students now have the unique opportunity to live in a community with other first-generation students and share similar experiences!

The FIRST Program has graduated over 1,000 students since 2006.

The FIRST Living-Learning Community is a residential community designed for new first-generation college students. FIRST aims to ease the transition into college, by providing a structured living community and resources to promote a student's success at Clemson. The community fosters social interaction and peer connection through shared experiences. Support comes in the form of study sessions and tutoring in the residence hall as well as educational workshops facilitated by faculty and staff members. Participants will also be matched with a successful first-generation peer mentor to guide them through that first year.

FIRST Living Learning community at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina

What Will I Get Out of Living in this Community?

Academic Support:

  • Workshops facilitated by faculty and staff on a variety of topics (study abroad, internship opportunities, financial aid etc.).
  • Organized study sessions focused on common first year classes and located in the students residence hall.
  • Common exam review sessions located in the residence hall.
  • Dinner with faculty members.
  • Frequent monitoring of student academic performance.
  • Participation in service learning activities.
  • In hall academic advising provided by the FIRST graduate assistant.

Laundry day for FIRST student at Clemson University, Clemson South CarolinaSocial and Interpersonal Support:

  • Peer mentoring by a successful first-generation student.
  • Opportunity to participate and serve in leadership positions in the FIRST student organization.
  • Activities with other first-year living and learning communities located at Clemson.
  • Social outings to assist students in exploring campus opportunities.
  • Additional evening and overnight quiet hours to maximize study time.
  • Live-in peer mentors to provide support after hours.

Where is the Community Located?

The FIRST Living-Learning Community is located in McCabe Residence Hall. The co-ed community has approximately 25 resident students. You will be able to enjoy a newly renovated study lounge area equipped with comfortable lounge furniture and a smart TV. There is no additional application or fee to live in the FIRST Living-Learning Community.

How Do I Join the FIRST Living-Learning Community?

  1. Apply for housing here.
  2. List the FIRST LLC as your preference.
  3. 3. Select a roommate who also selects the FIRST LLC.

*Remember, roommate choices trump everything. If you list a roommate choice and that person does not list FIRST LLC, you will likely be placed with the roommate and NOT in the FIRST LLC.

What Do Students Think about FIRST?

Robert Locke ‘14, FIRST Student, Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina“The FIRST Program is a life-saving program for first-generation college students. The biggest benefit is the opportunity to make friends and socialize with other first-generation students. Overall, FIRST is a family that students can become a part of, not only to ensure their success in college, but also in life.” — Robert Locke '14, FIRST Student

Hannah Halusker ‘16, FIRST Student at Clemson University, Clemson South Carolina“My circle of friends here so far in freshman year consists of the people I met at the FIRST summer preview this past June. The program is really helpful, because now I'm not totally alone with everything, and my friends from FIRST are going through the same things.” — Hannah Halusker '16, FIRST Student