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Phi Kapp Phi Honorary Society Membeship at Clemson University, Clemson SC

Our Spring 2015 Initiates

  • Eligibility

    Phi Kappa Phi members represent the best and the brightest from all academic disciplines. Invitation to membership is based on academic achievements and exemplary character. Those eligible for membership in Clemson University Chapter 49 include last-term juniors in the upper 7.5 percent of their class and the upper 10 percent of seniors and graduate students. Also eligible are outstanding faculty, staff and alumni.

    Affirmation of Membership

    "In response to the honor bestowed on me, by my election to Phi Kappa Phi, I shall continue to uphold the motto of Phi Kappa Phi, Philosophia Krateito Photon: Let the love of learning rule humanity."

    “I was fortunate to have the lion’s share of my college education supported by my family, scholarships and fellowships. This created a feeling of obligation for making these wonderful gifts amount to something. When Phi Kappa Phi reached out to me, I felt that an important down payment was made on that obligation. At the same time, Phi Kappa Phi motivated me to continue meeting my responsibilities, and pay back to future generations by helping others fulfill their educational aspirations.”

    — Dr. Robert H. Jones, Phi Kappa Phi member initiated as an undergraduate at Clemson University in January 1978,
    Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost, Clemson University

  • Nomination of Members

    Criteria for Invitation of Undergraduate Students

    • Undergraduate students of sound character in any department who have completed at least 24 semester hours, or the equivalent, at Clemson are eligible for membership.
    • Students of sound character of the senior class or of the second semester of the junior class who have completed at least 72 credits shall be eligible for consideration. The official classifications made by the Registrar as to class and semester standing shall be held final.
    • The chapter shall consider for membership seniors who rank scholastically in the upper 10 percent of their class and juniors who rank scholastically in the upper 7.5 percent of their class, without consideration of a minimum G.P.R. level (except as recommended by the Undergraduate Admissions Committee in order to preserve adequate standards for the chapter).

    Criteria for Invitation of Graduate Students

     A graduate student may be considered for membership only if the candidate:

    • Has made an outstanding record in graduate or professional study as evidenced by ranking scholastically in the upper 10 percent of all graduate and professional students at Clemson University and
    • Has completed at least 21 semester hours of graduate work at Clemson.

    Criteria for Invitation of Faculty and Staff

    • If the nominee is a member of the faculty or staff and was not elected into Phi Kappa Phi as an undergraduate, additional supporting information must be supplied which details the accomplishments (i.e., positions held, research performed, publications, papers read, patents held, etc.) of the nominee.
    • If the nominee is a Clemson alumnus of five years’ standing or more who has never been initiated into Phi Kappa Phi, information must be supplied to detail the person’s outstanding achievements since graduation.
    • If the nominee has no connection with Clemson University and is being presented for Honorary Membership, information must be supplied to detail the person’s outstanding eminence in some academic, creative, or intellectual endeavor.
  • Benefits of Membership

    There are several reasons to join. None, though, is more important than this: Membership recognizes and rewards academic success. At initiation, members receive gold keys and membership certificates. But Phi Kappa Phi is considerably more than a gold key and an impressive addition to a résumé. Phi Kappa Phi members enjoy many benefits such as:

    Lifelong Respect
    Membership in Phi Kappa Phi carries with it the respect of family, friends, peers and employers.


    Distinguished Service Award
    The Phi Kappa Phi Distinguished Service Award honors an individual who has provided sustained, non-compensated volunteer service to others beyond the realm of academia. The award recipient receives a $1,000 honorarium, an active-for-life membership and a recognition citation. The award is given once per biennium.

    51 $5,000 awards
    6 $15,000 fellowships awarded to members entering first year of graduate school or professional study.

    Grants of up to $2,500 awarded to fund literacy projects.

    Love of Learning
    47 $500 awards granted yearly.

    Scholar and Artist
    The Phi Kappa Phi Scholar Award and Phi Kappa Phi Artist Award honor those individuals who demonstrate the ideals of the Society through their activities, achievements, and scholarship. Awardees receive $1,000 honoraria, an active-for-life membership and a recognition citation. Each award is given once per biennium.

    Study Abroad
    50 $1,000 grants awarded each year.

    Local Awards
    $150,000 in awards and scholarships is distributed annually by individual chapters.

    Online Access
    Through Phi Kappa Phi’s national website, members have access to a number of services and products, including health insurance, online banking, travel, society information and much more.

    Leadership Opportunities
    Leadership positions exist at the chapter, regional and national levels.

    Networking Opportunities
    Conferences and conventions provide excellent opportunities to meet other members of this esteemed organization.

    The society offers two quarterly publications to its members — The Phi Kappa Phi National Forum, a scholarly magazine, and The Phi Kappa Phi Newsletter.

  • Renewal of Membership

    The Clemson University Chapter of The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi invites inactive members or members who have been affiliated with another chapter to become active in the society at Clemson. Maintaining your active membership in Phi Kappa Phi is a testament to your commitment to honor and excellence. Funds collected through national dues are used to finance award competitions, publications and other society activities. Payment of chapter dues supports the activities of the local chapter.

    Your decision to sustain active membership also ensures access to a host of benefits including subscriptions to the society’s magazine and newsletter, various scholarships and awards, high-quality Phi Kappa Phi merchandise and products and services offered by Answer Financial Inc. and MBNA’s MasterCard.

    There are two easy ways to reactivate or transfer your membership. You can renew your membership by completing the online membership renewal form. Or you can call national headquarters at 1-800-804-9880 and use a MasterCard or Visa to pay your membership fees.

    National dues are $50 for the first year and $35 each additional year. Life membership is $320 for new members and $300 for renewing members. Clemson chapter dues are $5 per year.