Resources for Faculty

  • STS Reference

  • Sources for Case Studies
  • Faculty Available for Guest Lectures
    • Pam Mack: history of technology, introduction to the field of STS
    • Tom Oberdan: ethics, philosophy of science
    • Bea Bailey, Lewis Gibbes (naturalist who grew up at Woodburn plantation)
  • Videos to Borrow

    VHS unless otherwise specified

    Available from the History Department:


    • America (Ken Burns)
    • Century of Warfare (Time Life)
    • Civilization (Kenneth Clark)
    • Connections (James Burke)

    Individual Videos:

    • Day After Trinity (PBS documentary on the Manhattan Project)
    • The Empire State Building
    • The Eiffel Tower
    • The Electric Valley (TVA)
    • The Plow that Broke the Plains and The River (WPA films)
    • a two video series on the Hindenburg

    Pam Mack Videos:

    • 2001 a Space Odyssey (DVD)
    • The Atomic Cafe
    • Ken Burns, Empire of the Air (on Radio, DVD)
    • The Fog of War (about Robert MacNamara, on DVD)
    • The Future of Food (DVD)
    • The Future that Never Happened (weird predictions of the future, mostly from the 1950s)
    • The Greatest Good (a history of the Forest Service, on DVD)
    • The Hospital (full length feature film with some interesting issues illustrated)
    • The Jetsons: first episodes
    • The Man in a White Suit(the consequences of inventing fabric that never wears out, 1951, DVD)
    • Metropolis
    • Modern Marvels (worlds fairs)
    • Modern Times (Chaplin)
    • several documentaries about NASA
    • Eugene Odum: An Ecologist's Life
    • A Place in the Land: George Perkins Marsh, Frederick Billings, and Laurance Spelman Rockefeller (DVD)
    • The Plow that Broke the Plains and The River (1936 and 1937, DVD)
    • The Right Stuff
    • The Santee Canal (DVD)
    • Skyscrapers going up
    • Smallpox: Deadly Again?  (History Channel, DVD)
    • The Telephone
    • H. G. Wells, Things to Come (wild early science fiction, starting with a prediction of World War II)
    • Tail Fins and Drive Ins
    • Understanding Cyberworld 2002
    • Uprising of '34 (a PBS documentary about the textile strike of 1934 and the killings in Honea Path)
    • Where the Green Ants Dream (DVD)

    I also have tapes of lectures by Sheila Jasanoff (Comparative Politics of Biotechnology), David Hess, and Tom Dunlap (Why Wilderness is not Natural)

  • Past Events

    Links to useful material