Transfer Credit

Courses at other institutions that are described as Science, Technology, and Society courses will generally be eligible for STS credit at Clemson.  Several other kinds of courses are also likely to transfer or at least meet the STS requirement. These include courses in history, sociology, or philosophy of science, environmental studies courses that have a major policy component, and interdisciplinary courses that deal with science and/or technology and society.  Science courses can meet the STS requirement only if at least 30% of the course deals with social issues, but a course on a topic such as global warming would very likely be suitable.

A list of Clemson STS courses can be found at: STS Course Descriptions. Courses similar to those can be transferred in as that course, and will meet the STS requirement if the transferred course has appropriate STS content (this would, for example, be a question with an introductory chemistry course that transferred as CHEM 1050). Courses at other institutions that match no course at Clemson may be transferred in as electives; if the course has suitable STS content it can be approved as meeting the STS requirement.  Prof. Pam Mack can make that determination.

In the South Carolina Technical College system:

  • HSS 2050 transfers in as STS 1010, meeting STS and non-literature humanities
  • HIST 1220 transfers in as HIST 1220, meeting STS and social science.

For more information contact STS Program Coordinator, Prof. Pam Mack