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Freshman Students

August Sessions

Welcome to Clemson University New Student Orientation for 2018 summer and fall semesters.

Things to Know

  • This program is designed for incoming undergraduate students accepted for the 2018 summer and fall semesters.  At Clemson, attendance at new student orientation for undergraduates is mandatory. Orientation is an on-campus experience with academic components, including academic advising and course registration, and programs addressing the transition to our campus.

  • The orientation program, content and student experience, at a freshman orientation session is the same for all sessions.

  • Orientation for you is a two-day program. The student Orientation and Transition Fee is $315, nonrefundable.

  • This fee provides for the complete orientation experience, which includes the summer orientation session and the extended orientation program in August before classes start. The program in August is a continuation of orientation with integrated activities and events designed to assist new students in their successful transition to Clemson; learn more at Tiger Transition: Kick-Off Clemson.

  • Pre-registration for orientation is required. Visit the page, Register for Orientation, to access the online orientation registration program. You will select your session, answer some academic questions for your adviser, have the option to register one-two guests, reserve housing for the night before your session, and purchase the orientation t-shirt, water bottle and Parent Fan Pack.

  • Housing for the night of Day 1 is included. Three meals are included - lunch and dinner on Day 1 and breakfast on Day 2.

  • This program includes walking on campus. We provide shuttle bus transportation for portions of the program. All venues and transportation are ADA compliant.

  • We recommend you wait and make your travel plans after you receive the session confirmation email to avoid any additional transportation charges.

  • Change of major - if you know now that you want to request a change of major, please make that request to University Admissions before you attend orientation. Your academic path at orientation is determined by your accepted status in a particular major/college. You can reach Admissions at 864-656-2287 or by email at cuadmissions@clemson.edu.

  • More information about session check-in, housing sign-in, and parking will be provided on a webpage, Session Check-in; this information will be available in late May.

  • The fee for guests of freshman students is $35 per person. This fee covers the logistical aspects of the program, session materials and lunch.

  • You will be able to add one-two guests when registering for their orientation session. There is no separate registration form for guests. You will provide their email address and we will contact them directly with a confirmation of the guest registration.

  • Guests will attend their own orientation program, which does not follow the student program at times.

  • Any person attending with you, including your parents and other family members, must be your registered guest for the orientation session.

  • Sibling attendance is not recommended. The guest program is designed for parents and guardians. Younger children may tire easily and get bored with the process.

  • Significant others are welcome. However, they will follow the guest program. They will not be able to tag along with you in the student program.

  • Registered guests join you for lunch on Day 1. Housing and all other meals during orientation are the guest's responsibility.

  • You will stay in an on-campus residence hall the night of Day 1. There will be two students in each room.

    • Same-gender roommates for students are assigned randomly, as each student signs in and picks up their key.

    • If you want to room with a particular person, the two of you would need to walk into the residence hall together and request the same room.

    • IMPORTANT: Bring your own bed linens (sheets, blanket, pillow) and towels.

    • No amenities are available (no alarm clocks or televisions).

  • Options re additional student housing:

    • You may add pre-orientation housing for the night before Day 1 at an additional cost of $20.

    • IMPORTANT: If you choose to sign in and pick up your room key the night before your session, you will automatically be charged the additional $20, whether or not you stay in the room.

  • Other information about on-campus student housing:

    • You are allowed to park in green-lined spaces around the residence hall after 4:30 p.m. each evening with the orientation parking pass displayed on your vehicle's dashboard. Plan to move your vehicle by 7:00 a.m. the next morning to the designated orientation parking lot, Lot C-1, to avoid a parking ticket.

    • To sign-out of housing: You are required to leave the residence hall and return the room key and fob to the front desk staff by noon.

    • There is no storage space available for luggage, backpacks and other personal items.

  • Day 1 begins with session check-in at 8 a.m. in the Watt Family Innovation Center and continues with programming throughout the evening.

  • Day 2 begins at 8 a.m. and concludes by 1:30 p.m. after course registration. You have the option to participate in other programming available during the late afternoon; see schedule for details.

  • To access more information about the orientation session schedule, please download the Clemson Events app. Then search 2018 Freshman Orientation and Transition Guide. It will be updated often to provide you with the most current information. You may also view the schedule in a web-based version of the app.

Questions and More Information

Contact our office, Student Transitions and Family Programs, with any questions you may have about orientation. You can reach us at 864-656-0515 or by email at orientation@clemson.edu. We look forward to seeing you on campus this summer!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are a newly accepted student to the Bridge Program and will be attending Tri-County Technical College in the fall semester, you should plan to attend orientation at Tri-County Tech. Please visit Bridge to Clemson website for more information.