Accessibility Guides

Below you will find a number of accessibility guides that can help you make your digital content, physical objects, and/or live event more accessible. These guides do not ensure that your products will be fully accessible, but they will help you correct the most common barriers. If you have questions that are not answered by the guides and cannot find a relevant guide below, refer to the appropriate design guidelines on the Accessibility Laws, Policies, and Standards page (Link opens in new tab.).

Digital Accessibility Guides

Stay tuned for guides on Microsoft Office, Google Suite, PDFs, and More! In the meantime, refer to these guides: Microsoft Office Accessibility (Link opens in new tab.)Google Suite Accessibility (Link opens in new tab.), and Adobe PDF Accessibility (Link opens in new tab.)

Physical Accessibility Guides

The guides in this section will help you develop more accessible print documents and live events. Additional physical accessibility guides may be included in this section at a later time. If the design guidelines do not meet your needs and your topic would be of use to most of the university, please reach out the Accessibility Commission to request that a guide be made for that topic.