Policy: Internal Audit Division

Date of Approval:
September 20, 1985

The internal audit division shall be solely employed by and be responsible to the Board of Trustees through the Secretary of the Board. The Secretary of the Board is the immediate supervisor of the Internal Auditor. This auditor shall have complete access to all information and to all reports from any of the vice presidential positions, especially in the budget and finance area. All reports of the Internal Auditor are submitted directly to the Board Secretary. The Secretary shall study and evaluate the reports and recommendations of the Internal Auditor and shall be kept fully informed by the Internal Auditor of all follow-up responses and corrective actions taken by the offices and subjects of the audits.

It shall be the responsibility of the Board Secretary, in consultation with the Internal Auditor, to bring to the immediate attention of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President any audit, or parts of an audit, that reflects practices, procedures or actions that vary substantially from normal or sound administrative methods. The Board Chairman and the President alone, or in consultation with the Executive Committee, shall determine whether or not the President of the University should take corrective actions regarding such audit or whether the Secretary should maintain it as information.

Any trustee may review in person any audit in the office of the Secretary of the Board but shall not be furnished a copy of any audit.

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