Policy: Trustee Emeritus

Date of Approval:
January 15, 1977

It is the opinion of University Counsel that an emeritus policy for honoring former Trustees can be established by action of the Board of Trustees providing no payment to honorees of appropriated funds (per diem or mileage) is entailed. Guidelines for bestowing the emeritus title have been suggested as follows:

  1. The former Trustee has served in that capacity for at least ten (10) consecutive years.
  2. He must request that he be named a Trustee Emeritus. (The granting of the request would be considered automatic, but should a former Trustee not desire the emeritus status, he would so indicate.)

Emeriti Trustees would be invited to all meetings, including committee meetings, and other functions but would have no right to vote or to participate in executive sessions.

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