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Woodland Cemetery Frequently Asked Questions

woodland cemetery entrance
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Is Woodland a perpetual care cemetery? No.

Who can request to be interred at Woodland Cemetery? 
Employees (both current and former) who have a minimum of 20 years of continuous, full-time employment with Clemson University, Clemson University Presidents and Trustees.

Is a spouse eligible to be interred at Woodland Cemetery? The spouse of an eligible person can be interred in Woodland Cemetery if the eligible person has been interred or has requested to be interred at Woodland Cemetery. The term “spouse” includes a widow or widower of an eligible person if the eligible person has been interred at Woodland Cemetery. At the time the reservation is made, the spouse will be un-named but is understood to be the person married to the eligible employee at the time of death.

Are children eligible to be interred at Woodland Cemetery? No.

How much does a plot cost? There is no cost for the plot.

Who is responsible for the burial costs? Clemson University is not responsible for the cost of interment. 

Is a vault required for burial? No. 

How many individuals can be interred per plot? An employee and his or her spouse.

Who is responsible for the man-made additions (ex. Headstones, corner markers, etc…)? The interred’s estate is responsible for the upkeep of all allowed man-made adornments and additions to the plot.

What does a plot reservation mean? 
No plots will be assigned in advance. Assignment of a specific plot will not be made until death.  A plot is held in reservation until that time.

May the trees be trimmed on a plot? The Cemetery is to remain principally a wooded area in accordance with the intent of the Board of Trustees. Only the University may remove any plant or tree from the Cemetery, and no trees shall be removed from the Cemetery by the University without prior review and approval from the President. 

May I make a donation to get a plot?

Who may request an exception? An employee or former employee of Clemson University who does not have sufficient years of service can request an exception to the Clemson University Board of Trustees. When an extraordinary circumstance exists, a representative of the estate may request an exception to be interred in Woodland Cemetery on behalf of the employee.

How do I request an exception? 
All requests for exceptions shall be made to the Board Office in accordance with their guidance and instructions.  Exception requests are decided by the Board of Trustees in its sole discretion.

If my spouse should predecease me, can he or she be buried in Woodland Cemetery before I am? Yes. However, as the qualifying employee, if you are not interred at Woodland Cemetery, the remaining portion of the plot will revert back to the University to be reassigned.

What is the process to schedule a service? 
The family must work with a funeral home who will communicate with the Board Office. A minimum of two business days is required to coordinate arrangements. The Board Office may be contacted Monday – Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

Are there specific days that services cannot be conducted? Services may not be conducted on home football game Saturdays (seven Saturdays per year – consult the football schedule for specific dates), during Fall Semester Move In or during extended times the University is closed e.g. during the holiday break in December.

How do I locate a gravesite? 
Please send an email to and a Board Office staff member will be happy to assist you.

What is the physical address for Woodland Cemetery for use in GPS? (MAPThe cemetery is located at the intersection of South Palmetto Boulevard and Williamson Road. It may be helpful to search for Memorial Stadium as the cemetery is adjacent to the stadium.

For other questions, please contact the Board Office.