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Policy: Woodland Cemetery

I. Purpose

Woodland Cemetery was created to recognize faculty, administrators, and staff for their long term dedication and service to Clemson University. This policy provides requirements and procedures for their interment at Woodland Cemetery. This policy also provides for the upkeep of the grounds in order to provide a sense of beauty and peace for our guests.

II. Authority

The Board of Trustees, in accordance with the Will of Thomas Green Clemson, retains “full authority and power to regulate all matters pertaining to” Clemson University.  This policy affirms that the Board of Trustees has retained full authority and power regarding all matters related to Woodland Cemetery, delegating certain duties as provided for below.

III. Delegation of Duties

1. The Office of the Board of Trustees (“Board Office”) shall manage the administrative functions required for the implementation of this policy.  The Board Office shall issue guidance and instructions concerning requests for and conduct of interment at Woodland Cemetery. All requests for interment shall be made to the Board Office who will provide plot reservations and assignments pursuant to this policy.

2. The Office of the President of Clemson University shall provide for the upkeep and maintenance of the grounds of Woodland Cemetery within the guidelines provided for in this policy. The President can appoint an Advisory Committee to provide him or her advice with respect to the President’s responsibilities under this policy. That Committee shall report to the President and serve at his or her pleasure.  

IV. Eligibility

1. All burial plots are on an as available basis. Clemson University makes no guarantee of eligibility, space, or location for interment at Woodland Cemetery.  Clemson University reserves the right to alter eligibility requirements at any time, turn down a request for interment regardless of eligibility status, or revoke a reservation or unused assignment, all in its sole discretion.

2. Employees:  Employees (both current and former) who have a minimum of 20 years of continuous full-time employment with Clemson University are eligible for interment at Woodland Cemetery. Eligibility will be verified with the Clemson University Office of Human Resources by the Board Office.

3. Presidents:  All persons who have served as President of Clemson University are eligible for interment at Woodland Cemetery, regardless of length of service. Service as an Acting or Interim President does not bestow eligibility.

4. Board of Trustees:  All persons who have served as members of the Clemson University Board of Trustees are eligible for interment at Woodland Cemetery, regardless of length of service.

5. Spouse:  The spouse of an eligible person can be interred in Woodland Cemetery if that eligible person is interred or has requested to be interred at Woodland Cemetery. The term “spouse” includes a widow or widower of an eligible person if the eligible person has been interred at Woodland Cemetery.

6. Exceptions:

(a) An employee or former employee of Clemson University who does not have sufficient years of service can, when extraordinary circumstances exist, request to be interred in Woodland Cemetery by submitting an exception request.

(b) All requests for exceptions shall be made to the Board Office in accordance with their guidance and instructions.  Exception requests are decided by the Board of Trustees in its sole discretion.

V. Plot Reservations and Assignments

1. An eligible person desiring to be interred at Woodland Cemetery shall complete a plot reservation request and submit it to the Board Office. The request for the spouse of an eligible person should where possible be made by the eligible person. Eligible persons desiring to be interred at Woodland Cemetery are encouraged to make a plot reservation request prior to death.

2. The acceptance of a plot reservation does not create an obligation upon Clemson University to provide a plot to an eligible person or their spouse.  Reservations are not transferable.

3. No plots shall be assigned in advance. Assignment of a specific plot will not be made until death.  No interment shall take place without the prior approval of the Board Office.

4. If an eligible person predeceases his or her spouse and is buried elsewhere, the reservation or assignment will be considered null and void. Any unused spousal rights to burial at Woodland Cemetery terminate upon the eligible person’s burial at another location, even if the eligible person reserved space for his or her spouse. If a portion of a plot is unused, it will be returned to the general pool of available space for interments.

5. All interments shall comply with state and local laws. Failure to comply with this policy could result in a No Trespass order and/or a requirement that improperly interred remains be removed at the expense of the funeral home or estate.

6. Clemson University shall not be responsible for the cost of interment, additions, or adornments to the plot. 

VI. Guidelines for Plots and the Grounds

1. The Board Office shall be responsible for promulgating specific requirements for tombstones, markers, and other adornments associated with plots in accordance with this general guidance:

(a) Tombstones within the Cemetery are limited to four feet (4’) in height and are to be consistent with the color and style of surrounding markers.

(b) Mausoleums and above-ground vaults are prohibited.

(c) Coping, fences, and other types of enclosures are prohibited.

(d) Corner markers that do not exceed a height of four inches (4”) above grade shall be allowed if fully contained within the boundaries of the assigned plot. The survey pins marking the boundaries of the plot may not be removed to be replaced by corner markers.

(e) The use of gravel as ground cover for burial plots is prohibited. The Board Office shall maintain a list of acceptable ground coverings.

(f) The interred’s estate is responsible for the upkeep of all allowed man-made adornments and additions to the plot.

(g) Failure to comply with the above guidance and the requirements of the Board Office may result in the removal of items in question or other remedial action at the expense of the interred’s estate.

2. The President shall be responsible for the general upkeep and maintenance of the grounds and aesthetics of Woodland Cemetery in accordance with this general guidance:

(a) The Cemetery is to remain principally a wooded area in accordance with the intent of the Board of Trustees.

(b) Only the University may remove any plant or tree from the Cemetery, and no trees shall be removed from the Cemetery by the University without prior review and approval from the President. 

VII. Policy Review

The Woodland Cemetery Policy will be reviewed every three (3) years by the Board Office and a Trustee appointed by the Chair with input from the President.

VIII. Versions

Date of Initial Board Approval: July 10, 1924
Amended by the Board: September 22, 1989
Amended by the Board: July 12, 1991
Amended by the Board: April 22, 2005
Amended by the Board: October 16, 2009
Amended by the Board: October 18, 2013

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