Policy: Use of Clemson University Provided Aircraft

Date of Approval:
July 18, 2014

Policy Statement: Use of Clemson University provided aircraft shall only be for official purposes in accordance with this policy.

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure compliance with State and University requirements for the use of University provided aircraft.

Policy Procedures and Responsibilities:

1. Business Purposes: University provided aircraft, (which includes University owned aircraft, state aircraft reserved through the South Carolina Aeronautics Division, or chartered aircraft) will be used for matters pertinent to, and in the normal course of business for the University and only in compliance with the laws applicable to the use of state-owned or leased aircraft.

2. Justification for Use:

2.1 Use of University provided aircraft is justified when the business of the University cannot be conducted as well as, or more economically, through the use of regularly scheduled commercial aircraft. Economic justification includes not only the cost of the air travel but also opportunity costs and lost productivity costs.

2.2 Examples of the appropriate use University provided aircraft include but are not limited to: when the destination is not served by commercial carriers, the time required to use such a carrier interferes with other important official obligations, departure and arrival times do not reasonably coincide with a required travel itinerary, the number of travelers makes the use of University provided aircraft cost effective, there is a need for confidentiality, or for on-demand athletic transportation for athletic events or coaches’ recruiting (excepting that South Carolina Aeronautics Division aircraft shall not be used for athletic recruiting.)

3. Authorized Travelers:

3.1 Required Approval: Required authorization for use of University provided aircraft is as follows:

(a) Faculty, Staff, Students, and non-University personnel: Approval of the University President is required.

(b) President and Trustee: Approval of the Chair of the Board of Trustees is required for a Trustee, the President, and their family members to the extent allowed under this policy.

(c) The President is delegated the authority to establish a priority list for use in scheduling flights using University provided aircraft.

3.2 Non-University personnel:

(a) Passengers who are not University personnel may also fly on University provided aircraft if they are (a) persons whose transportation furthers the University’s business purposes or (b) dependent persons of authorized travelers for that flight when alternative arrangements are not practicable, but only on a space available basis.

(b) In certain circumstances the attendance of a spouse of a member of the Board of Trustees, President, or other University officers or personnel at certain official functions is in furtherance of University business. Examples include, but are not limited to, alumni events, athletic events, board meetings, development opportunities, and other similar official social functions.

(c) Approval pursuant to Section 3.1 is required for all non-University personnel travel.

4. Dual Employees: If a University employee is also an employee of a University affiliated entity, then the travel policy for the employer providing the transportation shall apply.

5. Private Purposes: University provided aircraft shall not be used for personal business even with reimbursement to the University.

6. Flight Operations: Flight Operations and related procedures shall be the responsibility of Clemson University Flight Services. Scheduling of the University owned aircraft shall be done through Clemson University Flight Services using approved forms. All flights with passengers will have a pilot and co-pilot qualified for the plane. Flight decisions shall be the responsibility of the pilot in command and shall be based on pilot professional standards and flight safety standards.

7. Any exceptions to this policy shall require the approval of the Chair of the Board of Trustees.

Published Locations: Policy webpage, HR manual, Board Office webpage

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