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Board of Trustees

Appendix F — Desirable Criteria for Trustees


A. Personal

  • Integrity with a code of personal honor and ethics above reproach
  • Wisdom and breadth of vision
  • Independence
  • An inquiring mind and an ability to speak it articulately and succinctly
  • Ability to challenge, support and motivate University Administration
  • An orientation to the future with an appreciation of the University’s heritage
  • The capability and willingness to function as a member of a diverse group in an atmosphere of collegiality and selflessness
  • An appreciation of the public nature of the position and the institution, including the open process of election and service

B. Professional/Experiential

  • Valid knowledge and experience that can bear on University problems, opportunities, and deliberations
  • A record of accomplishment in one’s own life, including a degree from an accredited school of higher education

C. Commitment

  • Commitment to education
  • Enthusiastic understanding and acceptance of the University’s mission
  • An understanding of the land-grant mission of the University and the higher education system in the state
  • A willingness to commit the time and energy necessary to fulfill the responsibilities of a University Trustee, including frequent travel to the University campus
  • Willingness to forego any partisan political activity while a Trustee that could be disruptive or harmful to the University
  • The capability to foresee years of constructive and productive service
  • Overriding loyalty to the University and to the public interest rather than to any region or constituency

July 2018

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