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Faculty and Staff

Below are the names and phone numbers of Faculty and Staff members who have volunteered to speak by telephone about any of the above mentioned sources of information.

Abel Bartley
History Department
Office: 864-656-5372

Denise Brown
216 Stephens Road
Clemson, SC 29631
Home: 864-653-3128
Office: 864-656-6452

Sandra Brown
Info Systems Development
Office: 864-656-7968
Home: 864-639-1632

Angela Guess
Administrative Assistant (Housing)

Jerry Knighton
Office of Access and Equity
Office; 864-656-3184
Home: 864-296-8413

Jonda C. McNair
Collegel of Education
Home: 864-231-8033
Office: 864-656-1577

Altheia Richardson
Gantt Intercultural Center

Shirley Timmons
School of Nursing
Office: 864-656-0818

Vanessa Weston
Financial Officer

Frankie Keels Williams
College of Education
Office: 864-656-1491