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Rental Car Insurance

Clemson University has a rental contract with Enterprise Rental to provide vehicles while they are being used for Clemson University business. All vehicles rented for business use should be rented in the name of 'Clemson University'.

The Enterprise contract includes liability insurance and collision deductible waiver. Therefore, the employee does not need to purchase any additional insurance from Enterprise.

The Clemson University Automobile Liability Insurance Policy provides excess physical damage insurance on automobiles leased, hired, rented or borrowed when they are being used for Clemson University business. The University's policy has a $200 deductible and pays in excess of other valid and collectible insurance.

If the employee rents the vehicle in his/her own name, the rental company would expect the employee's insurance to pay for any damages, if any. In this case, the University's liability insurance is excess over the employee's coverage. If the employee does not have rental car coverage under his personal automobile insurance, the University's insurance becomes primary.

NOTE:  For additional information on the Enterprise Rental Car Contract, contact the Office of Procurement Services at 864-656-2390 or visit Car Rentals on their Website.