Online Learning Resources and Tips

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Succeeding in your Online Courses

We at the Academic Success Center want to help you whenever we can. The resources, apps and videos on this page can help you schedule your day, study without distraction, and take effective notes.

Clemson students have shared that online classes are challenging because they miss the in-person interaction with their professor and classmates in the classroom and they struggle with the decreased structure and increased flexibility that online courses usually bring. With some time, intention and effort, real learning and authentic connections can happen for you in online courses.

Successful online learners

  • create meaningful ways to interact with their professors and classmates so that they can collaborate and experience a sense of connection with other students
  • learn how to effectively utilize technology so that they can fully participate in class activities and complete class assignments
  • engage in productive learning and study strategies so that they can master course concepts
  • adopt practical personal success practices so they can be motivated, organized and prepared

Click on the links below to find resources and tips you can utilize to become a skillful online learner

Review the Strategies for Thriving in Online Courses handout for tips for successful online learning