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Are you interested in having an in-class workshop that can help your students learn strategies for becoming more effective learners? ASC staff are available to come to your class and present a workshop, with the instructor present or absent. Request a workshop.

Student Organizations

Are you interested in how to become a more successful student and want a presentation for your group. Academic Success Center (ASC) staff value educating students about academic success related topics. Request a workshop.

Our workshop content draws from the science of learning and is designed to be interactive and involve the attendees in discussion and activities. We have created a series of presentations on our most commonly requested success strategy workshop topics such as learning strategies, time management, and study skills. Workshops are generally 45 minutes. Please submit your request at least ten (10) days prior to the requested presentation date. 

Workshops We Offer:

      • Determined Tigers Get Things Done: Students will identify their goals as well as time management strategies that can help them to stop procrastinating and manage their time more effectively.  Students will develop a list of goals, plan a strategy for achieving one of their goals, create a “to-do” list, practice prioritizing tasks, identify the tasks on which they are most likely to procrastinate, and how to utilize time management strategies to complete those tasks. 
      • Learning How to Learn: Students often rely on ineffective and unproductive learning behaviors and strategies until they realize these practices are no longer working for them. Students will learn about metacognition (learning how to learn) and productive learning strategies to succeed in college. Students will then engage in activities that test the effectiveness of their current study habits, create their own examples of deep learning practices and strategies, and develop lists of campus success resources they can utilize.
      • Study Smarter Strategies:  Students will learn the difference between studying and learning, and that the way they study matters!  Students will learn about Bloom’s taxonomy, effective multi-modal learning techniques, and the study cycle.  Students will prepare a weekly schedule, and learn tips on how to most effectively budget their weekly study time.  
      • Test Taking Strategies: Students will learn the most effective ways to predict test questions, will create a test-smart plan and develop strategies to be more efficient with their test-taking time, will learn how to complete a “Post-test autopsy,” and will learn techniques to minimize their test anxiety.

Don’t see a topic that meets your needs?  We will work with you to find something that works for you. Please direct any questions to the workshop coordinator, Christine Murphy