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Internships provide an ideal way to gain entry-level training and better prepare for a career path. An internship is an opportunity to gain hands-on education, network within companies and organizations, and learn what you like/dislike about your target field or role.

Internships are increasingly important for landing jobs upon graduation. Not only do companies use their interns as a potential candidate pool for future full-time roles, but they expect candidates to have completed one (1) or more internships before graduation.

Students can search for internships using the new Business JobLink platform or via Clemson JobLink. Via these platforms, students can conduct a search based on major, industry and/or geographic location.

Students can complete internships via a number of avenues:

No Credit

Non-credit internships are solely to gain experience, build a professional network, and be documented on the resume.

Academic Credit

Each department in the Wilbur O. and Ann Powers College of Business has an internship course with specific requirements. Visit your department internship faculty rep for more details.

Clemson's INT program

The INT program documents the internship experience on the transcript, but counts as zero-credit hours. This is a cost-friendly option for students whose internship company requires that they receive credit. There are options for full-time and part-time internship courses. INT courses are offered through the Center for Career & Professional Development's INT program.

UPIC On-Campus Internships

The University Professional Internship and Co-Op Program, or UPIC, provides opportunities for students to intern on-campus. Each semester, UPIC opportunities are posted in Clemson JobLink for the upcoming semester. Applications are competitive. Learn more.

Clemson International Internship Program

Through Clemson's International Internship Program, internships are available in a variety of global locations. Internships take place during the Summer and students enroll in a special INT 3010 course which yields 3 credits of elective credit.

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