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Office of Career and Global Engagement

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are the mentors/mentees in the program?

    Mentors are Clemson graduates and friends who are in business-related industries. Mentees are currently enrolled undergraduate business majors or minors.

  • How many mentees/mentors do I have?

    Our ideal circumstance is to have one-on-one partnerships. However, at times, we have more mentees than mentors and mentors interested in having more than one mentee can be assigned 2 mentees.

  • How am I matched?

    Heard of online dating? It's similar to that! Mentors and mentees complete an online application through our mentoring software. The system works to match pairs based on major/industry, interest, gender preference, the preferred amount of time to meet per month, location, etc. We cannot guarantee all requests will be met or that all mentors will be matched. We strive to match pairs for successful partnerships, not just to meet quotas.

  • How do I join?

    Tiger Ties accepts new applications each fall semester for new matches. Check back soon to get more information about joining Tiger Ties.

  • What is the time commitment?

    Each mentoring partnership is different and has specific needs and expectations; therefore, the time commitment can vary. Setting time expectations and communication ground rules upfront is important so that matches understand communication expectations. Mentor and mentees are expected to minimally communicate/interact about one hour per month. Most of this interaction will take place via email and other web-related tools (text messaging, Skype) or face-to-face, as appropriate. Mentors and mentees should work with to determine what kind of support will be most useful - specific feedback related to finding jobs, general career advice, information on higher studies, technical information, personal encouragement, and so on.

  • How long is the mentoring cycle?

    We require a minimum commitment of one academic year (fall and spring semester). We do encourage matches to maintain contact during the summer but realize this could be difficult for students. After the conclusion of the academic year, matches can determine if they'd like to continue the partnership with the same match or be re-matched.

  • Do I get a new mentee/mentor each year?

    Our hope is that you remain with your mentee/mentor for multiple years in order to form a productive, trusting relationship. However, we realize that this is not always feasible, for various reasons. If you'd like to discuss being re-matched, reach out to your Team Leader or Tiger Ties staff to discuss the concern.

  • I'd like to volunteer as a mentor, but I don't live in the Clemson area. Can I still volunteer?

    Yes! A large majority of our mentors do not live in the area. To allow for a great long-distance partnership, communication is imperative. Face-to-face interaction can occur via Skype/FaceTime, etc. and is highly encouraged. When you are in the Clemson area, reach out to your mentee and set up a time to meet. In addition, if your mentee is from your area or will be visiting your area, plan to get together with them.

  • Do I have to attend the Tiger Ties Reception?

    It is highly encouraged, but not required of mentors. Students are required to attend the reception. We understand that with mentors across the US and overseas, not everyone is able to attend. We do try to schedule receptions during peak times of alumni events on campus (football games, etc.) since alumni are more than likely already going to be on campus.

  • Now that I'm matched, what do I do?

    We suggest mentors make the first contact; mentees are often intimidated by professionals and unsure about a mentoring relationship so initiating the conversation is suggested to alleviate any anxiety on the part of the mentee. However, mentees shouldn't be afraid to step up to the plate and take the bull by the horns! Next, work on setting ground rules, communication plans and goals.

  • Should mentees be invited to the mentor's office and professional events?

    Yes! We encourage shadowing and inviting mentees to any networking, philanthropic or community event a mentor is participating in. We understand this is not feasible for everyone, but hope if a mentor is in a position to do so, they will ask their mentee to experience a "day in the life." Mentees, don't forget to invite your mentors to special events you are involved with on campus (honor society inductions, etc.).

  • What should I talk to my mentee/mentor about?

    Mentees should guide the conversation based on their needs. If a mentee is unsure of their needs, Tiger Ties provides online, member-only resources to assist mentees (and mentors) in determining a personal learning plan.

  • My mentee/mentor isn't in a field that matches my interest. How can this partnership be successful?

    All of our mentors have much more to offer than just specific insight into a particular field. In addition, odds are a mentor knows someone in the mentee's area of interest that they can connect the mentee with to learn more about a specific field. Working on career goals, professional development, leadership development, networking, etc. does not require a match to be interested in the exact same field. Mentors have a lot to offer outside of experience in their specific industry.

  • My mentee/mentor has not responded to my email or phone call. What should I do?

    First and foremost, let your Team Leader know. They will provide their full support and work to resolve the issue quickly with a satisfactory outcome.

  • Do you provide any resources?

    Yes! We have online resources for our participants. In addition, we offer monthly mentor webinars, mentee educational events and a monthly newsletter that contains links to current news articles, etc. regarding mentoring. In addition, our staff is always here to help. If you need a resource, let us know.

  • Who do I contact if I have a question?

    Your first line of contact is your Team Leader. If it's a sensitive matter that you prefer to discuss with staff, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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