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Tiger Ties Mentorship Program

We believe in the power of mentoring and the effect that mentors can have on the mentee's academic and professional success. The Tiger Ties Mentorship Program was established in 2008 to provide students with a real-world opportunity to explore and discover professional goals while guided by successful and talented Clemson graduates in the business fields. These interactions promote engagement, career and professional development and a successful transition from backpack to briefcase.

Student participants gain a head start on creating professional networks that extend beyond University borders while also benefiting from the exchange of skills, knowledge and expertise shared by mentors. Mentors benefit as much as the mentees because they are able to give back to their alma mater by helping a student who is experiencing what they experienced as a collegiate.

Student applications are accepted every fall semester. For interested alumni, please contact us for additional information at or 864-656-2478.


The mission of the Tiger Ties Mentorship Program is to provide our students with real-world opportunities to explore and discover their professional goals guided by successful and talented Clemson graduates. These interactions will promote engagement, career and professional development and a successful transition into the workforce.


Objective 1: Help each student develop his/her career vision providing resources that will aid the student in career decisions.

Objective 2: Create an environment that allows for professional development, assisting with each student's transition from classroom to boardroom.

Objective 3: Increase each student's individual strengths through positive feedback and leadership.

For additional information about our prestigious program, please email us at or call 864-656-2478.