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Academic Advising

As the university adjusts its operations to the COVID-19, the business school Academic Advising Center is also adjusting its operations. Advisors are still conducting pre-registration and LIMITED other academic advising services. The only difference is that these advising sessions are accomplished online through electronically using Zoom or telephonic means.

Pre-Business students should make an appointment using CU Navigate. Once an appointment is scheduled your advisor will contact you for contact information or provide appointment contact information.

Non pre-business students who are interested in changing their academic program to a business degree should schedule an appointment using the "Explore" function of CU Navigate. The advisor conducting these exploratory appointments will contact you with additional information once this appointment is scheduled.

Advisors with students

Academic advising is an ongoing educational process that connects the student to the University. Academic advising supports the University's mission of preparing the student for learning beyond the confines of the academy. Academic advisors represent and interpret University policies and procedures to the student and help the student navigate the academic and organizational paths of the institution.

The Academic Advising Center provides high-quality, student-oriented academic advising services. We help Clemson University business students prioritize and select classes to achieve intellectual and personal development while pursuing their educational goals. The center's mission reflects the core values of Clemson University by fostering enhanced student academic, scholarship and leadership experiences.

All Pre-Business students are assigned to professional staff advisors in the Academic Advising Center. Students are welcome and encouraged to meet with their advisor when they have questions or need assistance. An appointment for this meeting should be made by accessing your advisor's calendar in CU Navigate. Advisors meet with students one-on-one to address questions, concerns, and circumstances of each individual. As per university policy, all students must meet with their assigned advisor prior to registration for the next semester.

Graphic Communications students are advised by the Graphic Communications department.

Economics BA students are advised by the Department of Economics.

Once students have completed the Pre-Business program, all other majors are advised by their respective departments.