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Preregistration Advising Preparation Guidance

To make the most of your preregistration advising appointment, it is important to be prepared. Please read ALL of the following instructions before signing up for an advising appointment.

If you do not bring the items listed, YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN by your advisor, and you will need to reschedule. Based on the availability of appointments, having to reschedule your appointment may cause you to be seen after your registration time opens.

Complete and bring the following THREE items to your advising appointment in G-02 Sirrine:

1. A Curriculum Worksheet

  1. Use this link to obtain a worksheet:
  2. Select your INTENDED business major - accounting, economics, financial management, management, or marketing. DO NOT bring a Pre-Business worksheet.
  3. Make sure you select the correct curriculum year. Typically, your curriculum year is the academic year you started at Clemson.
  4. Students must line-through your completed courses and circle your in-progress courses.

2. A list of classes for next semester

Identify a list of 15 credit hours of classes for next semester. Students can either draw an arrow next to these classes on the curriculum worksheet or list them separately. See below for an example of what this should look like.

Example worksheet providing visual of instructions explained above.

3. A "What If" Report from Degree Works (in iROAR)

Note 1: MAC USERS experiencing difficulty obtaining a "What If" report should try a browser other than Safari.
Note 2: DO NOT bring a Pre-Business "What If" report. Make sure you prepare a "What If" report for your intended or most likely major.

  1. Use this link:
  2. Once in iROAR, click on:
    • "Student"
    • "Student Records"
    • "Degree Works"
  3. In the left column click "What If." Enter the following information for your intended business major.
    • Degree (Bachelor of Science)
    • Curriculum year - Typically, your curriculum year is the year you started at Clemson.
    • Major (Your intended major - NOT a Pre-Business)
    • Concentration/emphasis area if required - Management and financial management majors must select an emphasis area. No other business majors have emphasis areas. Valid emphasis area choices can be found on page 2 of the curriculum worksheets.
    • Minor if required or if you are thinking about completing a minor.
  4. Click on the "Create PDF" box.
  5. Click on the "Process What-If" button.
  6. Print your "What If" and bring it to your appointment.

Make an Appointment

Your advisor's schedule can be found in CU Navigate. You may use the link provided in the email from your advisor, or you may access this system through the iROAR portal.

*NOTE - Students must see an academic advisor to receive a PIN to be able to register for classes. No appointment = No registration.

iROAR Registration Information

To determine your time ticket (registration day and time), complete the following steps:

  1. Log into iROAR
  2. Click on "Student"
  3. Click on "Registration"
  4. Click on "Registration Status" - Your time ticket is displayed here.

For registration reference materials (training manuals, videos and frequently asked questions), use this link:

To register for classes during your registration time ticket window, use this link: