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Tuition and Financial Aid

Clemson University provides quality graduate education in an environment free of unnecessary expenses and program fees. The academic tuition and fees for 2017-2018 will be approximately $13,500 for the 30 credit-hour program for a full-time in-state student and $26,600 for the 30 credit-hour program for a full-time out-of-state student. All tuition and fee amounts are subject to change at the discretion of the University.

These amounts do not include the cost of books, materials or cost of living. Please note, students in our program are required to take four CPA review courses. The books and electronic materials for these courses are the Becker CPA review materials. While the vast majority of our students have these materials paid for by their future employer, students who do not have a job offer from a firm which pays for these materials will be required to purchase the materials. The current cost of the Becker materials is approximately $3,500.

The Office of Residency Classification assists graduate and undergraduate students with application for entitlement to pay in-state rates on tuition and fees. Additional information on residency classification can be found on their website. If you have questions about your residency classification, we strongly encourage you to contact the Office of Residency Classification at 864-656-2280 or

A number of financial aid opportunities are available for students in the Master of Accountancy program, including:

Departmental Scholarships and Fellowships

The School of Accountancy awards scholarships on the basis of academic achievement and professional promise.

Teaching or Research Assistantships

Assistantships provide a full-tuition waiver and a monthly stipend in return for aiding the faculty with teaching or research. Assistantships pay approximately $4,800 plus tuition per academic year in return for approximately 10 hours per week of supervised service. The tuition waiver, however, does not cover all University fees which total approximately $3,000 over the year of the program.

Applying for Departmental Financial Assistance

To apply for departmental financial assistance, simply check the appropriate boxes on the Program Application. The number of scholarship and assistantships is limited. Applications must be received before September 30 for Spring admissions and December 31 for fall admissions.

Student Loans

Financial aid is available in the form of student loans. For more information on this option please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid on the University’s main campus via phone 864-656-2280 or via email at

Want to Learn More?

Join us at one of our free monthly information sessions (offered during the fall semester only) to learn about admissions requirements, see the facility, and meet faculty and staff. Register for an information session.

The admission requirements and process, prerequisites, student responsibilities, curriculum, course calendar and course descriptions are detailed in the MPAcc Program Handbook.