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Contact an Admissions Advisor

If you would like to begin a correspondence with our Unit Admissions Officer about a possible future in AFROTC, please fill out the information below. Disclosure is voluntary. Please read the Privacy Disclaimer at the bottom before submitting. If it is during the summer months and/or it is urgent for you to contact the detachment, please call 864-656-3254.

Contact Information
Full Name
Phone Number
For High School Students
School Name
Approx. GPA
Graduation Year
SAT Score
ACT Score
Proposed Major
For Current College Students
University Name
Current GPA
Graduation Year
This form will be read by the Unit Admissions Officer, not a machine. If you have a personal message or situation not covered on the form, please feel free to write it in this space.
Privacy Act Statement

AUTHORITY: 10 U.S.C. 2101 and 8013, Secretary of the Air Force; powers and duties delegation by.

PRINCIPAL PURPOSE(S): To provide contact information of potential recruits for Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC). This contact information will be used to provide information on AFROTC programs for the purpose of recruiting.

ROUTINE USES: Information may be disclosed to recruiting agencies for the Department of Defense, Reserve Components, National Guard and other federal agencies. There is no disclosure outside the federal government.

MANDATORY OR VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE AND EFFECT ON INDIVIDUAL PROVIDING INFORMATION: Disclosure is voluntary, however, if not provided we will be unable to contact you to provide information on AFROTC programs.

Please read the DET 770 Privacy, Security and FOIA Statement.