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New Cadet Orientation


We are excited to provide you with opportunities for personal and professional development while we prepare you to become the best possible 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Air Force.

Our New Cadet Orientation is a mandatory event held prior to each fall semester. At orientation you will complete requisite paperwork and receive critical information for your first few weeks as a new cadet. If you are unable to attend orientation due to personal matters or schedule conflicts, please send us an email at or call 864-656-3254 to speak with a member of our staff.

New Cadet Orientation Details

DRESS: Business Casual


If you plan on driving, please review the parking map prior to orientation in order to avoid being cited.

Cadets who are attending Anderson University, Tri-County Technical College, or Southern Wesleyan University need to register for a parking pass. Please visit Clemson Parking and Transportation Services for more information.

Preparing for New Cadet Orientation

Register for AS1090 & AS1091, If you plan to enroll in the one, two, or three year program, please contact us at (864) 656-3254 to determine if you meet eligibility requirements.

Sports Physical
Print a copy of the AFROTC FORM 28 and schedule an appointment with your physician or Clemson Student Health Services at Redfern Health Center. Bring the FORM 28 with you to the appointment, and have the physician complete it. The physician must complete the Form 28; we will not accept the physician's version of a sports physical form. Scholarship cadets do not need to bring this form to orientation.

Consent for Release of Student Records
If you are 17 years-old or younger, print and bring the Consent for Release of Student Records with you to orientation.

Birth Certificate or Naturalization Certificate:

  • Bring the original and a photocopy of the original. (If no original, a certified copy from the Clerk or Recorder of Birth State can be used.
  • If no original, a certified copy from the Clerk or Recorder of Birth State can be used.

Social Security Card, signed by applicant, NOT a parent. Bring the original and a photocopy of the original.

Selective Service Number (Males only)
Bring a copy of original or complete and print out form at

SAT/ACT Scores
Official or unofficial copy of all SAT and/or ACT test scores.

College Transcripts
Transcripts of all completed college work credited towards your undergraduate degree. Unofficial copies are acceptable, but must show the hours and quality points for each class.

Civil Involvements, if any (Information such as any involvement with civil, school or military authorities since age 13; i.e., traffic citation; detention or suspension; Article 15):

  • Event Details (e.g., speeding - 76 in 65, fist fight, minor in possession)
  • Date (month and year)
  • Institution issuing finding (city police vs. state police; name of the city, school, or base)
  • Result/Outcome (e.g., paid fine and amount, in-school suspension)
  • Copies of tickets or court results are preferred

Certificates or Documentation demonstrating (as applicable):

  • Junior ROTC
  • Civil Air Patrol
  • Eagle Scout
  • DD Form 214 (prior military enlistment)
  • DD Form 785 (prior service academy or officer accession training program)

What Next?

Review and print the Air Force ROTC Orientation Checklist, and most importantly, bring the required documentation with you to New Cadet Orientation or you will not be issued a uniform.