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Extracurricular Activities

Dances, Dinners and Parties

From summer to spring, informal and formal activities are planned, i.e. dining in, dining out, Military ball and more.


The cadet corps participate in various intramural sports at Clemson University, as well as compete against other detachments in the Annual Notre Dame Invitational Basketball Tournament, held at Notre Dame and GAMA CUP, held every spring semester. Physical fitness is an integral part of cadet and Air Force life.

Base Visits

Visits to Air Force bases across the United States are encouraged to allow for cadets to see firsthand the "real" Air Force and experience what life will be like on active duty.

Professional Development Training (PDT) Program

PDT's help cadets gain knowledge of the challenges they will face as junior officers. In the past cadets have participated in a variety of programs such as freefall, cadet combative course and orientation flights. Cadets participate in these programs during the summer; availability is dependent on current funding levels.


Team ventures course, high ropes course, rafting trips, paintball, combat dining out and much more.