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Discover the Power of Your Leadership in One Week

The Being A Leader Course is a 7-day leadership laboratory hosted by Clemson University. This course is for academic faculty, full-time university/college and graduate students, business owners, executives, managers, and organization and community leaders who are interested in discovering a new approach to leadership — whether they already hold a major position of leadership or not.


A New Science of Leadership

Course participants are introduced to the ontological/ phenomenological method; a new science addressing the nature and function of being human. As a result of their participation, people are left not merely knowing more about leadership, rather with ways of altering who they are being and what they are doing, leaving them more productive, accomplished and fulfilled in leadership and life.

What does Robert McCormick, Dean of Clemson’s College of Business, say about the Being A Leader Course?

"I have been involved in a couple of long workshops with non-economists recently, in Kenya with architects and construction CEO’s, with environmental leaders in Montana, and recently in south Florida with PHD ecologists and the like, and the entire structure of my talks and presentations has been altered significantly and importantly by your training at the Mays School of Business, College Station, Texas. The impact has been profound and I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity you afforded me. It has helped me personally and professionally in myriad and powerful ways."