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Employer Resources

Thank you for your interest in the Clemson Graphic Communications Internship Program! Interning is an essential part of every GC student's career preparation. Most employers view this as an investment in their own future as they preview upcoming talent and contribute to the development of prospective employees. It is a positive program for both the students and the employers.

Internships must be full-time (40 hours per week) for the entire term and must be paid. As of January 1, 2019 all students must be employed full-time and be paid like a regular employee in order to get credit for either of their 2 required internships. This is to protect both the university and the employer against any liability. Pay rates vary greatly dependent upon employer size and location and may be a little as minimum wage. Most of our internship partners pay between $10 to $17 an hour. There is no exception for non-profits or government agencies.. The fall and spring terms are 15 weeks and the summer term is 12 weeks. Students will not receive credit for internships not meeting these requirements or are not directly relevant to the degree in Graphic Communications. To be approved as Intern Employer Partner with Clemson's Graphic Communications please complete the form found at this link:

Our students are encouraged to seek full-time internships in a variety of geographic locations, process areas and segments within the industry in order to gain a broad range of experience in the workplace. It is believed that the ultimate success of Clemson GC graduates is due to their overall knowledge of industrial and business settings.

We believe that helping to ensure your company finds the best candidate for its needs is paramount to a good internship experience for both you and the student. It is for this reason that we encourage you to take advantage of Intern Employer Day. This event will allow you to learn more about the Clemson GC program, meet the students in person, get the word out about opportunities with your company, and set up interviews. Registration will open soon!