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Frequently Asked Questions

When am I required to do my internship?
Every GC major must complete two internships prior to graduation. One must take place during a fall or spring semester; the other can be done during the summer.

  • First internship: GC 3500 and Co-op 2010 can be taken any time after GC 1020 but must be done before a 4000-level GC course may be taken.
  • Second internship: GC 4500 and Co-op 2020 can be taken after at least one of either GC4060 or GC 4400-level GC course, but it cannot be done your last semester before graduation.
  • Third internship: GC 4550 can be taken as a major requirement and can be completed during any semester.

How do I let GC know I want to be considered among internship candidates?
The semester prior to your internship, you will need to submit an up-to-date copy of your intern information sheet to the GC internship coordinator. This will start the process and submit your name to the database of intern candidates.

Where should I plan to intern?
Be open to interning where the best opportunity presents itself. Gaining experience in different segments of the industry in different geographic locations will provide the most growth, both personally and professionally.

Where will I live?
Some internship employers will help you arrange for living, so start by asking them. If you have an on-campus housing contract but you will not be in Clemson, you need to contact the Housing Office.

Can I keep my LIFE Scholarship?
The required fall or spring internship will not cause you to lose your LIFE Scholarship. While you will not be taking enough credit hours to use the scholarship during the semester of the internship, you can either use that money for the summer of that academic year to take 12 credit hours, or you may choose to postpone the semester's funds to the semester following the normal eight. Note that the LIFE Scholarship may be used in any two semesters of an academic year. Specific questions should be directed to Financial Aid.