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The Goal Of The GC Internship

  • Ensure every GC major graduates with full-time work experience in the industry.
  • Keep employers coming back for more interns and permanent hires because you did such a great job for them.

What Students are Expected To Learn By Interning

  • How to deal with people of all backgrounds
  • How companies really work
  • How to get a job
  • Learn about the many opportunities in the field you may not have considered before
  • Life lessons
  • Knowing that you CAN rely on yourself and the foundation you have to build upon!
  • And the "gravy on top" - technical expertise!

GC Internship Requirements

  • Two internships, one must be in a fall or spring semester, the other may be in the summer.
  • Must be full-time (40 hours per week). 15 weeks for the semester (12 weeks in summer), almost always paid work periods.
  • GC 3500 - 1st Internship, before a required 4000 level GC course (currently GC 4060 or GC 4400).
  • GC 4500 - 2nd Internship, after a required 4000 level GC course (currently GC 4060 or GC 4400)...can not be your last semester.

Plans and Things you Must Consider Early...

  • Clemson Housing - On-campus contract no problem.
  • Apartment Lease plan for someone to sub-lease (another GC major, perhaps).
  • Less competition for a first internship during a regular semester.
  • Talk to your advisor and make a plan to keep on track for graduation.
  • Contact Financial Aid to let them know you are doing your required internship(s).

What About My LIFE Scholarship???

  • Academic year is "Fall, Spring, Summer" that order.
  • Cannot use the LIFE Scholarship during the semester you intern (pay for 1 credit hour).
  • Won't lose the scholarship...either use it that summer or "postpone" it to the next semester after the normal 8.

How Do You Get An Internship?

  • Attend Intern Employer Day...make contacts.
  • Complete the Intern Information Form. It is your "ticket" to get into Intern Employer Day.
  • Download the Intern Information Form here. Directions for completion are on the second page of the document.
  • Keep that form current...Proofread thoroughly.
  • I need a copy the semester for which you plan to work.
  • Get contact information and follow up.
  • Start a database (never too soon to network).
  • A simple thank you note speaks volumes.

Intern Employer Day

  • Twice a year in October and March...March 12, 2019, this semester.
  • 11: 15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the A & B Ballrooms of the Hendrix Center.
  • Typically 50+ companies...over 100 industry representatives here to see YOU!
  • Dress professionally...conservatively.
  • Consider the greeting on your voicemail and anything you have posted online.

Once You Have An Internship

  • Notify Mrs. Jones immediately! Complete the GG-Internship Information Form (online Google Form).
  • Complete the Co-op Placement Form with the Co-op office in the Hendrix Center.
  • Registration for both the GC and Co-op Courses required.
  • Complete the company's normal HR process...could include a physical, drug screening, etc.

Be Willing To Go To The Best Opportunity...Stretch and Grow!

Internships Not Obtained Through Intern Employer Day must be Approved!

  • You might find contacts on your own or through family and associates.
  • If it's a new company to the internship program, the internship must be APPROVED by the faculty beforehand. To begin the process of getting an internship approved, have the employer complete the Intern Employer Form. The employer must complete this form and they must email the completed form directly to Mrs. Jones at No forms accepted unless sent directly from the potential employer!
  • Be on the lookout for notices that come from the GC Department faculty...Please read your emails!
  • Work with me to identify possible Intern Employers.

Be Willing to go to the Best Opportunity!

On Your Internship

  • Work Hard, be self-motivated.
  • Come to work every day, on-time - Leave your iPod and earbuds in the car.
  • Never post anything online you don't want the president of the company or the president of Clemson University to read (before, during, or after). Never utilize social media while during working hours unless it is a function of the job you are doing.
  • Keep a weekly journal for grading (more details on CANVAS later once you are registered).
  • Leave them wanting another intern like YOU!