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Intern Employer Day Fall 2010

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Thank you for your interest in the Clemson Graphic Communications Internship Program! Interning is an essential part of every GC student’s career preparation. Most employers view this as an investment in their own future as they preview upcoming talent and contribute to the development of prospective employees. It is a positive program for both the students and the employers.

The long-term success of the Clemson Graphic Communications Internship Program is due to the commitment and enthusiasm of our students and intern employers. You will want to take advantage of this opportunity to hear other employers' stories and to meet the full cross section of our GC undergraduate student population. We think you will find they are as varied as the opportunities afforded by the variety of industry segments we serve.

The activities begin the night before the main event, with a dinner including the graduating seniors, graduate students, and faculty. If you have interest in permanent employees this is a good way to evaluate the caliber of the Clemson graduates in an informal and noncommittal setting.

The next day, following a continental breakfast and brief presentations by students and employers, company representatives will move upstairs in the Hendrix Center. Tables are provided for each employer to display literature and company products, and to talk with GC majors from freshman through seniors. Both during and after Intern Employer Day, employers can arrange internships or set up interviews. We will be glad to assist in matching the appropriate interns with employers, as final arrangements are made with the student interns.

We believe that helping to ensure your company finds the best candidate for its needs is paramount to a good internship experience for both you and the student. It is for this reason that you are encouraged to take advantage of Intern Employer Day. This event will allow you to learn more about the Clemson GC program, meet the students in person, get the word out about opportunities with your company, and set up interviews. Don't miss out on this important event...register now!

Clemson GC interns are available year-round.
In upcoming semesters, the typical work periods are:

  • Spring Internships are a minimum of 15 weeks between January 6 to April 23, 2016
  • Summer Internships are a minimum of 12 weeks between May 11 to July 29, 2016
  • Fall Internships are a minimum of 15 weeks between August 17 to December 2, 2016

The upcoming Intern Employer Day is October 25, 2016
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