Graphic Communications

Alumni Reflections and Remarks

Tillman Hall Panorama

"Graphic Communications at Clemson exposed me to a wide variety of printing types and technologies and the internship opportunities prepared me for the real world. Dead line driven assignments and problem solving situations prepared me for the real world."
    Andy Walker, 2010

 "The graphic communications program at Clemson continues to evolve and remain on the cutting edge. I took my experiences in Godfrey for granted until I graduated and started working. The GC program gave me exposure to all aspects of the printing, packaging and design industries. This exposure served as a prerequisite cross-training for me at work and provided me with a "leg-up" on my co-workers and competitors."
    Joshua E. Brown, 2008

“Hands-on experiences and real-world applications drive the students in Graphic Communications at Clemson. I have stretched my knowledge and creativity well past their limits. My peers and professors pushed and guided me through this amazing journey, and making my learning experience more than just books, notes, and tests.”     Ashley Blevins, 2004
“For a good mix between creative freedom and technical application, Graphic Communications is the right choice.”   
    Ben Guthrie, 2002

“My experience in the Department of Graphic Communications at Clemson was very rewarding. It provided a chance for students to interact with one another and form lasting relationships and hopefully future networks. I would not trade my experience with this department for anything.”
    Kate Sheriff, 2002

“Graphic Communications at Clemson University was very intriguing and exuberant. The department and its faculty devote an enormous amount of time, patience, and motivation for the students’ success in the printing industry. My course of study while at Clemson provided me not only with expertise in the printing industry, but also the tools required for survival in corporate America.”
    Vernon Alexander, 2005

“The experience gained in Clemson’s Department of Graphic Communications gave me the opportunity to ready myself for the ever changing printing industry. The hands-on knowledge acquired through this degree is second-to-none and allows an individual to become a true problem-solver.”
    Cyrus McRorie, 2002