Graphic Communications

Max Daetwyler Corporation donates gravure cylinder engraver

engraver donated to Clemson GC by DaetwylerDaetwyler installed a Gravostar electromechanical gravure cylinder engraver at Clemson University the beginning of the spring semester. This is the first time Clemson’s graphic communications program has had the direct ability to engrave cylinders. The faculty is excited to have students learn first hand the engraving process and quality control procedures for electromechanical engraving. Department chair and professor Dr. Sam Ingram said, “ The gravure printing process is a major contributor to the packaging and related products field. We are pleased Daetwyler donated the engraver and excited with the unique hands-on experience this will provide our students.”

This opportunity was made possible by a combination of contributes from several industry supporters. Max Daetwyler Corporation provided the engraver and training. , K Walter Service Corporation provided the transport and placement of the equipment at Clemson and SleeveCo/Alliance Graphics Corporation is providing the copper polished cylinders for students to engrave.

Ralph Daetwyler stated, “Education has always been important to Daetwyler and we saw this as a great opportunity to expand students’ learning experiences and in turn provide our industry with graduates more knowledgeable in the gravure printing process. It is a win for the students and a win for our industry.”

The graphics program, in addition to having engraving in its classes, sees opportunities for this equipment in ongoing research with printed electronics and functional materials.