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Where to Start 

To be considered for scholarships and grants awarded by Clemson University your first action should be to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and include Clemson University school code (003425) in it so that your information is received by the Financial Aid office. The FAFSA can be completed on-line at The deadline is March 1. 

Research Private Printing Scholarships

Many private scholarships are available; your search can begin with an internet search of “Printing Scholarships”.

Some printing scholarships are available through:

  • Association of Independent Corrugated Converters (AICC)
  • EDSF Scholarship
  • Flexible Packaging Academic Scholarship & Summer Internship Program (FPA)
  • Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association (FFTA)
  • Print and Graphic Scholarship Foundation (PGSF)
  • Sun Chemical Corp. & Foundation of Flexographic Technical Association
  • TLMI Scholarship

Note: Web sites and general information is provided on the attached spread sheet see attachment A.

 Beware of Scholarship Scams

  Scam Warning Signs:

  •  You have to pay a fee
  •  Money-Back Guarantee
  •  Credit Card/Bank Account Information Required
  •  Offers Exclusive Information

TO APPLY: Most scholarships require an application to be filled out, follow the directions carefully. Deadlines are critical – see below.

ELEGIBILITY: Before you begin the process check the eligibility of each scholarship and make sure that you have met their requirement. Some have minimum GPA’s, grade level’s, number of credit hours completed, etc.

DEADLINES: Be sure to check the deadline date, most organizations will not even consider you if you don’t met their deadline. 

RENEWING YOUR SCHOLARSHIP:Scholarship renewal is usually not automatic. It is the student’s responsibility to re-apply. 

TRANSCRIPTS: Transcripts must be submitted when required. They may be obtained from Sikes Hall. 

LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION: You must provide the organization the number of letters they require. Clemson requires that you fill out a form to give the faculty person permission to write a letter. The faculty member will provide you with a “Permission to disclose student records under the family educational rights and privacy act (FERPA)”; this will need to be signed before they can do the letter for you, see attachment  B.

QUESTIONS: If you have questions contact the scholarship department of the each individual scholarship. This information is located on their web site.

If you have questions and your not sure where to find the answer e-mail Linda Kanaley at

Some of the Graphic Communications Awarded Scholarships are:

  • Buckeye Corrugated Scholarship
  • David O. Sherriff Annual Scholarship
  • Edgar H. Snider Scholarship
  • Elsie K. Bissell Award
  • Frederick Tyler Simon Scholarship
  • GC Faculty Award of Excellence
  • Gravure Education Foundation Scholarship
  • J. Richard Troll Memorial Scholarship
  • PIAG Educational Foundation Scholarship
  • Pitman Scholarship
  • PLGA Educational Foundation Scholarships and Grants
  • Werner Sattler/BCM Inks Scholarship

TO APPLY: Notification will be sent to all GC students of scholarship opportunities available. Please be sure to read your e-mail messages and follow the directions. Some scholarships are awarded based on GPA only and this information is provided to the department by the Financial Aid office. All scholarships must go through the Financial Aid Office.

Here is a list of possible scholarships for reference.