Graphic Communications


Comco Press

Approximately 400 full-time undergraduate students are enrolled in the Graphic Communications major and come from over one-third of the United States. Graduates are employed in 29 states and three foreign countries in a broad spectrum of career areas.

The specific backgrounds of individual students vary across the spectrum. They tend to exhibit a strong mechanical aptitude and interest, performed well and enjoyed art, or perhaps participated in journalism, school newspaper or yearbook programs. Those who remain in this program tend to be self-starters, more independent than average, and slightly to substantially more assertive. Advanced students tend to either be technical or technically-oriented, or be creative and enjoy the process of carrying their creative interest through to mass produced products.

Interested prospective students can find online Clemson application and curriculum information by visiting the Admissions Office. For more questions regarding our program or to make an appointment, please contact our office at 864.656.3447.

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