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Bachelor of Science in Graphic Communications

Approximately 400 full-time undergraduate students are enrolled in the Graphic Communications major and come from over one-third of the United States. Graduates are employed in 29 states and three foreign countries in a broad spectrum of career areas.

The specific backgrounds of individual students vary across the spectrum. They tend to exhibit a strong mechanical aptitude and interest, performed well and enjoyed art, or perhaps participated in journalism, school newspaper or yearbook programs. Those who remain in this program tend to be self-starters, more independent than average, and slightly to substantially more assertive. Advanced students tend to either be technical or technically-oriented or be creative and enjoy the process of carrying their creative interest through to mass-produced products.

Important Contacts
Department Chair Chip Tonkin, Ph.D.
Advisor Amanda Menefee
Internship Coordinator Carol Jones
Gamma Epsilon Tau Advisor Eric Weisenmiller, Ph.D.
Graduate Coordinator Nona Woolbright